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REPORT: Colin Kaepernick Has Received No Offers From NFL Teams So Far


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) this week signaled that Democrats are going to push for more expanded mail-in voting by referring to it now as “voting at home.”

“We’re now calling it voting at home because that’s really what it’s all about—enabling people to vote at home,” Pelosi told MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell.

Pelosi said the $3.6 billion in the House’s HEROES Act is “necessary to conduct an election” where all voters would receive absentee ballots.

The House Speaker also reportedly said this week $3.6 billion is just “a small price to pay for our democracy and the good health of people going to the polls” and argued that if Republicans “don’t support the resources, then they have stood in the way of voting, which is in keeping with their voter suppression in general.”

She reportedly added that voting is “under assault both from a systematic national, nationwide campaign of voter suppression and from the coronavirus.”

“People should not have to choose between voting and preserving their good health and that of their families,” Pelosi reportedly added

The House Speaker has also said that more funds are needed for same-day registration services and to provide more and safer opportunities for voters to also “vote well in advance of Election Day.”

It’s clear that moving the workout alone was enough to turn off the majority of teams.
It appears Kaepernick never believed he was getting a fair shake from the league, and that is his right and there is plenty of reason for his suspicion. It is also his right is to apply for the job in any way that he wants.

He has to deal with that decision. Kaepernick wanted to do it his way. The NFL wanted to do it its way.

The golden rule? The people with the gold, rule. In this case, the NFL is under no obligation to employ Colin Kaepernick and it’s clear by the reaction of NFL-types that they viewed Kaepernick’s negatives as too burdensome for his talent to overcome.

“If I was still coaching, my big question would be, Colin Kaepernick is a good quarterback,” former Super Bowl winner Tony Dungy said on NBC. “He’s a good athlete. I know he can throw the ball. I know he is one of the top 100 quarterbacks playing. But what I don’t know is how badly he wants to play. And that didn’t get answered.”

Dungy is generally indicative of the conservative and cautious nature of the NFL, and his words are being repeated in private.

Again, fair or not, that’s reality and Kaepernick didn’t alter that. In any job interview, the potential employee has to set out to answer questions about the weakest part of their resume – a lack of experience, a lack of education, whatever.

Kaepernick didn’t get that done. Physically, Kaepernick looked good, but it was a workout against air. He’s certainly in great shape, even at 32, but that’s the bare minimum for the NFL.
He didn’t look good enough that he got people to stop wondering if he ever wanted to play

Kaepernick’s refusal to bend will further endear himself to some people. And it will further infuriate others. That’s his choice and their choice as well. Per usual these days, everyone’s base was well-served in this. A middle ground was not.
Meanwhile both the NFL and Colin Kaepernick spin on, without each other.



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