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Pelosi Criminally Responsible for Deaths Caused by Aid Delay


It is widely known that Nancy Pelosi was the one responsible for blocking the stimulus aid package for so long. Countless people died waiting for medical and economic aid during this time. Many thought Pelosi would get away with it, but they were very wrong.

The DOJ, led by Bill Barr, has issued a statement saying that Nancy Pelosi can be held criminally liable for all deaths caused during the holdup of aid as a result of her blocking the stimulus bill.

“We have found the defendant, Nancy Pelosi, to be criminally guilty, and therefore liable, in the case of the 2,345 Americans that died while waiting on federal aid that would have saved their lives. Her action was negligent, and she acted without care. She put politics over people, and will now be held responsible for their deaths.

I have forwarded the case to the Supreme Court where they will be taking a look at it. They should be bringing Pelosi up on charges within the week.”

The ever-present Republican Congressman Joe Barron praised the news:

“Look, this is great news. I’m glad we are finally holding a Democrat responsible for their actions. We let Hillary get away like 62 times, and if Pelosi gets away with this one, we will just keep putting her on trial until something sticks. She can’t be as bad as Teflon-Hillary. Something will hold up against her. No one likes her, not even her own state.”

We eagerly await to see what charges the Supreme Court brings against Nancy Pelosi. We may finally get justice for the Americans that died while helplessly waiting on the government aid that never came.



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