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Madonna Leaves US, Moves to Socialist Portugal to ‘Protest Trump’..><


Liberal pop celebrity madonna says she has moved out of the united states in the desire of socialist Portugal due to the fact she wants to “protest trump” by using leaving his us of a.
Speak in a recent interview, the singer says that she relocated her entire own family from their ny base throughout the Atlantic ocean to their new home in Portugal to escape Donald Trump.

During the interview with style Italia about the inducement behind her big pass, madonna became quoted as announcing “this isn’t always us’s greatest hour.”

“I felt like we wanted a trade, and I wanted to get out of the USA for a minute,” the material female singer instructed the magazine, consistent with information.com.au.
This isn’t the primary time the track celebrity has used her celeb fame to attack her president.

In January 2017, madonna railed in opposition to the Trump administration at the girls’ march on Washington and declared at some point of her profanity-laced speech that’s she’s been considering “blowing up the white house.”
Addressing the group, who answered with roaring applause, madonna stated: “yes, I’m indignant.
“yes, I’m outraged.



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